Game Rewards

Author: Mihai, last modified: 05/02/2022

The game contains two types of rewards: coins Coin Reward and crowns Crown Reward

Coins Coin Reward

Coins are earned by solving puzzles.

Crowns Crown Reward

Crowns are used for unlocking puzzles. Crowns can be earned or purchased. When you own crowns, an additional button appears in the Puzzle Store, allowing you to unlock puzzles with crowns.

Exchange rate

Crowns are more valuable than coins.

1 x Crown Reward = 30.000 x Coin Reward

You can exchange coins for crowns in your game account.

A typical puzzle pack costs 30 crowns. The crowns cost depends on the number of puzzles in the pack and the release date of the pack. The more puzzles a pack contains, the more crowns it costs. The more recent a pack is, the more crowns it costs.

Puzzle Bundles cost 100 crowns.

How to get rewards

There are several ways to get crowns:

  1. When you play the game 7 days in a row you earn rewards. The possible rewards are: 10.000, 15.000 or 25.000 coins or 1, 3 or 10 crowns.
  2. When you solve puzzles you earn coins
  3. When you solve Puzzle of the Day you earn coins
  4. When you create a game account you earn 10 crowns
  5. When you purchase puzzles with money you earn crowns. You earn 3 crowns for regular puzzle packs or 12 crowns for bundles.
  6. When you complete missions you earn crowns
  7. When you recommended the game to a friend you earn 30 crowns
  8. You can purchase crowns with money in your game account